Installation of 170 Mini Smart Classrooms in Adarsh Schools of Alwar District in Rajasthan

Schools of Alwar, Rajasthan is directed towards providing interactive classroom-based teaching sessions using the mini smart classrooms.

The schools were chosen under the guidance of the District Education Officer. Each school is being provided with a 42-inch LED Screen, 1 Laptop and 1 UPS. Instructors from Ganeshi Lal Foundation are training the teachers on how to conduct classes through these mini smart classrooms with the help of teaching aids like audio-video content and PowerPoint presentations. The students and teachers are trying to make the best use of the mini smart classrooms and the school Principals have also appreciated the efforts. Almost 51,000 students in the government schools of Alwar will receive the benefits of these smart classrooms and their interest in studies and in gaining more knowledge will also increase rapidly. This program is being assisted by ONGC Foundation to delve deeper into the field of quality education.