Historic Surgery

Doctors at Siu-Ka-Pha Multispeciality Hospital, Sivasagar created a history by performing the First-Ever Endoscopic Skull Base surgery in the whole of Upper Assam. This kind of surgery is not very common and needs very meticulous and coordinated instrumentation.

Surgeries like this are performed in cases of brain tumors which are very close to the roof of the nose. Surgeons enter the brain through the nose with the help of endoscopes under video guidance they remove the tumor.

A 62 years old gentleman, presented with a decreased level of consciousness, and low sodium levels, was evaluated and found deficiencies of hormones by the pituitary tumour. Dr. Dipangkar Das, Medicine consultant at Siu-ka-pha Hospital says, “It was challenging in evaluating and managing this case with his deficient hormone levels, and we are very happy that he is successfully operated on.” The pituitary gland is the main gland controlling the hormones in our body. Dr. Keshavanand Konwar ENT consultant at Siu-ka-pha Hospital says, “The kind of tumor in this gland is not very common and the kind of presentation is very rare. This needs both medical and surgical treatment.” Dr. Keshavanand Konwar along with Dr. Amrit Saikia Assistant Prof JMCH, Jorhat performed the Endoscopic transnasal excision of the Pituitary tumor on 15th January 2021.

“We created a history in Neurosurgery and ENT by performing this surgery as it is the first to be performed in Upper Assam,” says Dr. Saikia. Dr. Konwar said this type of surgery is not very common and nowadays it is the gold standard technique as it reduces morbidity and hospital stay.

Dr. Keshavanand Konwar has been performing such surgeries since last 10 years. He is presently the founder and secretary of Skull Base Society of North East India which was founded by him with other ENT and Neurosurgeons of NE. Surgery was supported by a team of Anaesthesia. 

Dr. Putul Chetia and Dr. Angshuman Bania.

Dr. Keshavanand Konwar (MS)

Consultant- ENT

Siu-Ka-Pha Multi-speciality Hospital